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Okay, it’s high time that we start getting real about the back fat epidemic! We are all very grateful to the Talk Show Goddess, Oprah, for bringing so much important awareness to the subject of foundations, but we cannot skirt this issue any longer!!

We here at Bedroom I’s Mobile Boutique have become increasingly concerned with how fixated women seem to be on the subject of back fat, particularly over the past few years. So, we're going to level with you: there is no fool-proof cure for back fat. The fact is that in order for each of us to be alive, we must have fluid and tissue under our skin. Obviously, when you wear a bra, its function is to lift and support your bust. In order to do that properly and to offer you the best silhouette possible, the band that goes around your back needs to be well-fit and anchored in place. This necessarily snug fit can, and often will, create the appearance of a small line across your back. Please know that this occurs on all women, regardless of shape or size–even to our smallest 32 A/B cup clients. Indeed, it is true to say that not a single woman is spared when it comes to “back fat”.

Now for the good news: we have identified a number of solutions to this problem, all of which we have tested for performance quality. Some of us wear these solutions on a daily basis! So this is our plea to you: PLEASE stop letting those chain store sales girls sell you another size 36 band, when you belong in a size 32! You won’t believe how much better you will look and how much more comfortable you will feel in a bra that fits you correctly!

One last tip: by wearing your bra band too big and hiking your shoulder straps up to their tightest setting, you are simply making the back of your bra ride straight up your back! This does nothing to lift your front and, even worse, it INCREASES the appearance of back fat! When your bra band is properly fit and sitting parallel to your waistband, you minimize the appearance of segmented skin and decrease any visible back fat lines! A word to the wise: schedule a fitting with Bedroom I's Mobile Boutique today.


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