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Professional fitting services are the foundation of Bedroom I’s Mobile Boutique. Our expertly trained fitters visit and assist you in finding the perfect bra one fitting at a time. Effective undergarments are based on the proper fit and a proper fit requires an understanding of the basics, as well as extensive knowledge of the many bra styles available. By taking the time to be properly fit, a woman may rest assured that her foundations will not fail her by falling down when sized too big or by segmenting her skin when sized too small (thereby causing unpleasant lines seen through her clothing), or by failing to offer the correct amount of support. A proper fitting only takes a few minutes and it can mean a world of difference in comfort, appearance, and most importantly: confidence.

A good fit goes much further than simply trying on a garment. For this reason, we encourage our clients to move around in their selections: lifting up their arms to be sure the fit is continuous, sitting down and squatting to be sure the fit is comfortable, and trying the item on underneath an article of clothing to be sure the silhouette offered is attractive. The biggest complaint we hear from clients is that they have a drawer full of bras at home that seemed comfortable and fit well in the store, but by the time they got home, something had changed. Our methods help to minimize this all too common (and costly) problem.

Our highly trained fitting staff does everything possible to put clients’ mind at ease when assisting with the fit of undergarments. All clients quickly become comfortable with our staff as we strive to offer as much discretion and modesty as possible for all, as well as to explain the fitting process as we go.

During your fitting, you should expect to have your measurements taken, so it is best to be wearing a non-padded bra. These measurements will offer a guide as to which size bra to try on first, but in reality these measurements fall very short of being a perfect science. The fit will vary according to the style, manufacturer and fabric, so we ask clients to keep an open mind when working with a fitter and not assume that one final bra size alone will be determined. Many women find today that they are a number of different clothing sizes depending on where they are shopping and the same is true with undergarments.

womens braTo check for accuracy, a hands-on assessment is usually made with each bra a client tries. This assessment may involve an adjustment to the shoulder straps, checking the tension of the band around the back, and making sure the cups are properly fitted. These observations, as well as the client’s feedback as the one wearing the bra, are essential to finding the proper fit.


Much like the Cape itself, the focus at Bedroom I’s Boutique is on everyday value. We have hand selected each item that we offer for its functionality, as well as its fashionable appeal, and are proud to offer our unique collection of styles in the widest possible range of sizes available.

Ladies, over the long-term gravity is going to win. There is simply no way around that fact, but a properly fitted bra today will help slow the effects of time while also providing you with a great appearance now.


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