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Bedroom I’s Mobile Boutique offers expert fittings for basic, every day bras, but we also specialize in fittings for brides, wedding parties, mothers of the bride & groom and special occasion outfits. Schedule an appointment for you or the entire bridal party.

If your dress or outfit has not yet been selected, we applaud your knowledge! After all, a wise woman knows that it is better to find a versatile and comfortable foundation first. That way you can try various dresses on over a flattering and comfortable silhouette, rather than scrambling to find the proper underthings after deciding on the dress.

Now, with our mobile fitting services, we’re also able to meet you at the dress shop or department store & make sure you are 100% happy with the fit of your selection. Having your foundation there in place at the time of purchase offers peace of mind like never before. So often women would visit our old location with dresses on loan from a shop across town and ask us to confirm the fit of that dress with the proper undergarments before they completed the purchase. Never again will that be necessary! Just schedule an appointment & we’ll bring everything to you, so that you may shop for all special occasion outfits with confidence & without wasting your precious time running around town.

On the other hand, if your dress or outfit has already been selected, don’t worry a bit: you are not alone. For this circumstance, we highly recommend an undergarment fitting either at home prior to making any alterations on your outfit or better still, scheduling an appointment for us to meet you at your seamstress/tailor. All good seamstresses and tailors will insist that you have the proper foundation before they proceed in pinning or altering your garment. Doing this on-site with all of us there and all of the undergarments on-hand minimizes any possible miscommunications & maximizes your happiness with the end result.

During your fitting, we ask that you try to keep an open mind about the process. We may ask you to try on something on that you may never have selected for yourself, but please rest assured that each foundational garment we work with has been hand-picked for its proven performance; no member of the Bedroom I’s staff will ever steer you in the wrong direction. Your comfort and best appearance is our foremost concern, so please take the time to listen to what your fitter has to say. Nine times out of ten, we hear women exclaiming with delight: “I love this bra, bodysuit, long line, shaping brief (take your pick), and I never would have tried this on without your encouragement!”

Now, a word about shapewear…Close-fitting spandex enhanced garments commonly referred to as shapewear are not meant to take away any of those dietary sins in which we all delight from time to time. Modern day shapewear is simply meant to smooth your lines, lumps, bumps or anything that may exist that prevents you from looking your very best. Please do not attempt to purchase shapewear a size smaller than your body needs: we can assure you the result will do more harm than good. This is because the excess flesh has to go somewhere and it generally moves to a less attractive, yet more noticeable, location on the body. Wearing the wrong size can also lead to garments rolling up, rolling down or otherwise coming undone at the most inopportune times in an evening. Everyone seems to have a shapewear horror story to tell, but if we were all honest about the situation, incorrect sizing would likely be found to be the common denominator.

Schedule a mobile appointment today - we cannot wait to show you all of the comfortable options available to you!


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