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So you canít seem to find a bra these days without a padded cup you say? Not true!

This frustration is actually a common misconception among many women; itís time that we help by sharing our expertise. Knowledge is power after all! Okay, a padded cup is indeed molded with a pre-shaped contour lining built into the cup, but it has a little more too. Some padded bras offer padding throughout the cup while others offer a graduated cup, meaning they are padded in the bottom and start the cup for you, thereby offering you a push up in order to maximize your breast tissue. This push is particularly helpful for those ladies who have smaller busts and for those women who are seeing the effects of gravity and time on their silhouette.

Now, it is also a common misconception that when we speak about gravity, and the bust falling, most women imagine that the bust is actually falling down. This is just not so. As the bust becomes affected by gravity and time, it becomes shallow, and gradually loses the top round definition that we all seek to replace. It is very similar to what happens when you open an oven door too early while baking a cake. The cake falls in and becomes slightly concave. While imagining your bust as a concave cake is certainly not the most pleasant information to impart, it is important for you to know as it is actually very common. The good news is that we can easily provide you with some fabulous solutions.

On the other side of the padded bra coin are T-shirt bras. While seeming to be the same in appearance as bras with the lower cup or overall padding, they are in fact very different. They too offer molded, pre-shaped contour lining built into their cups, but most women mistakenly refer to them as being padded bras. They are NOT padded bras! T-shirt bras offer smooth seamless cups that are pre-formed to allow for a more uniform shape and appearance when wearing t-shirts and jerseys. When being fitted for a t-shirt bra, it is essential to fit to your larger side if you have any asymmetry (meaning any difference in the size of your breasts). Some women have as much as a full cup size difference between their breasts; a common example is when one side fits a B-cup, while the other fits a C-cup. The reason we must always be sure to fit to that larger side is because otherwise you will see the inevitable bubble-over that looks like an extra breast under a shirt. We cannot have that!

Now, with T-shirt bras it is also important to know that the support is coming primarily from the cups. For this reason, the center of the bra needs to sit flat to your chest bone and the band around your back needs to anchor in place to properly lift the front. Many women will also find that the width on the sides of a T-shirt bra tend to be smaller and this can lead to side tissue spill over. The trick to minimizing that is to trust our the pre-selected styles; we have many carefully researched and tested options to make you look and feel your best.

In the past few years, a new item has also become available: a simple cup liner. The accessory liners offer the same uniform shape, appearance and modesty factor that a t-shirt bra offers, and they conveniently fit into non-contour lined cups. More traditional non-contour cup bras tend to have wider sides, and therefore more support, to help decrease the possibility of side spill-over. For some women, this traditional bra really offers the best fit, so by adding the cup liners, they now can have the very best of both worlds.

Who knew all of this was possible, you might ask? Well, the fitters at Bedroom Iís Mobile Boutique, of course!!


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